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Common Declaration (Paris 14.11.2003)

After having exchanged their analysis of the situation of sans papiers in the different European countries and after having shared the experiences of their struggle the following signatories address themselves to all the participants of the European Social Forum (ESF) and the organization secretariat to:

1. Underline that the sans papiers are only the visible tip of an iceberg of precariasation that includes all other migrants and all other workers.

2. Underline the particular role held by sans papiers in the process of the restructuring of the work sphere by the generalized precariasation.

3. Underline that the struggle of the sans papiers is at the very center of the political confrontation

4. Propose the adoption of six axes to change this situation on the European level:
- the unconditional regularization of all sans papiers in all European countries without any criteria.
- the immediate closure of all detention centers for foreigners in all European countries
- the abolition of the racist Schengen treaty
- freedom of movement and installation for all
- the recognition of a citizenship of residence for all.
- respect for a real right of asylum in all European countries

5. Propose to the ESF to immediately decide two actions: - the organization of a European day of struggles for the regularization (of sans papiers) and for the closure of all detention centers for foreigners (on the 31 January 2004?). - the organization of a thematic ESF on immigration and sans papiers

Saint Denis, 13th of November 2003
Premieres signataires / First signatories:
Coordination Nationale des Sans Papiers (France) - Comitato Immigrati Italia - Tavolo Migranti del Social Forum Italiani (Italia) - Rete No Global Campanina Italia - Confederazione Unitaria di Base (CUB) (Italia) - COBAS (Italia) - Kanak Attak (Deutschland) - Fl?chtlings Initiative Brandenburg (Deutschland) - Gesellschaft f?r Legalisierung (Deutschland) - Coordination Nationale des Sans papiers (Suisse) - Act UP Paris.